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Illinois has passed the most aggressive solar incentives in the nation and the adoption to renewable energy is in progress.  Illinois Solar Advisors have teamed with the highest rated installers in the state and are converting both commercial and residential homes daily.

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Illinois is soon to have one of the highest adoption rates in the nation! Whether you're wanting to join the solar industry or get solar on your home, we are the premier solar advisory in Illinois. Illinois has a new goal of sourcing 25% of its power from renewable energy by 2025. We are in the midst of one of the largest renewable pushes in the United States. 
The 'early adopters' are taking advantage of huge statewide incentives! Those who make the decision to go solar sooner rather than later will benefit the most from these programs! 
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Our Process
We will pair you up with one of our local solar experts who will guide you through the rough waters of choosing a good installer. We will match you with the best options for your situation!
Our Partnership
Whether you’re interested in a commercial or residential solar system, our knowledgeable team will look at Illinois' top solar installers and negotiate for the best price on your behalf! 
Why Us?
We aren't salespeople, we're consultants. Think of us as the matchmaker for solar installers and customers, we simply match the two best fits at a price that's better than going direct to any installer. 
Owning Vs. Leasing? 
What are the major differences?
Leasing your Panels 
  • No Risk: The Solar company owns your system which means they also take all the liability.
  • Monthly Savings: The Leasing company is essentially going to rent your roof from you in exchange for a significantly lower monthly payment than you are currently paying!
  • Fully Insured and Covered by Company: Your system will be fully insured and maintained by the solar company who does your installation. When owning a system your home owners insurance would be covering the system and any equipment defects will be taken care of by manufacturer warranties. 
Owning your Panels
  • $0 Down Options: There are many $0 down low interest finance options to make owning your system as simple as trading out a power bill for a monthly finance payment that's still cheaper than ComEd. 
  • Higher Longterm Savings: At any point you can choose to pay off your system and virtually end the days of paying monthly for power. Congrats! you have free energy!
  • Adds Resale Value: When you own your panels you get to reap the benefits of your investment when you sell your home. Solar helps you put more money in your pocket when you sell!
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